About the Museum

Museum4 scans_0001In 1998 the Museum was incorporated by several local boating enthusiasts. It’s charter is to preserve, display and educate…primarily centered around our rich New Jersey boating heritage. In 1999 NJMB found a home at Johnson Brothers Boat Works in Point Pleasant and subsequently the public was invited to a preview of the Museum. That December NJMB received its IRS letter of determination as a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, and membership continued to grow. NJMB made it through Super storm Sandy and has re-located in Building #13 at Johnson Brothers Boat Works adding numerous new exhibits to its portfolio. With over 200 members and growing, NJMB boasts over 6000 annual visitors and is a regular destination for Boy Scout Troops, Clubs, and school groups from the Central New Jersey area.

NJMB Mission Statement

The mission of the New Jersey Museum of Boating is to celebrate our state’s rich maritime history. We are committed to educating, preserving, interpreting, and presenting the boats built in New Jersey and the related marine equipment and materials traditionally used in the process.

Part of the Coastal Heritage Trail

In 2002 NJMB became the newest destination on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail achieving recognition by the National Park Service for the historic value of its collection and location.

Boats N’ Kids’ Educational Programs

As part of our charter we are endeavoring to educate today’s youth on the history of boating in New Jersey. As part of this effort, we offer several programs available to children to include basic boating safety, sailing for kids, and family boat building. Call us today or visit our web site for more information.

Stop in and see us!

Admission is free and in addition we offer free guided tours of an extensive collection of maritime arts and artifacts celebrating New Jersey’s boating history. In addition, our new Nautical Library is in full swing and open to kids of all ages. Please call us at 732 606 7605.


Museum4 scans_0001Our nautical library is newly
renovated and ready for use.
Hundreds of volumes of
books are available for your
reading pleasure. Whether
you are looking to build
your first wooden rowboat, refinish your existing boat,
read a good nautical tale of
the open sea, or complete
research for a project on N.J. boating, we have an extensive collection of books for all ages and interests.

Easily located topics are found in the sections of Ocean Research, Naval History, Boating Safety, Navigation, Cruising the Eastern Seaboard, Fishing (salt and fresh water), Sailing Basics, and our Sea Tales section, which holds adventure tales from all of the seven seas. We also offer, for your convenience, a magazine section with Wooden Boat, Yachting, and Classic Boating issues dating back to the 1960s.

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